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WunderBoard Paragon Workflow

Step-by-step for getting in the business of sublimation

Equipments Setup

*Recommended Resolution of image
-No less than 360dpi, recommended 720dpi.  The higher the better. 

*Recommended Printers
-For small size:EPSON WP-4015DN/1500W/1430/4450/4880
-For large size:EPSON styluspro.7700 /9700 /7890 /9890, EPSON sure color 7300/5000/7000

*Recommended Transfer Paper
-Epson Transfer Paper 

*Recommended Sublimation Ink
-Sawgrass or other original branded sublimation ink

*Recommended Heat Press
-Microtec Model: XSTM, ASTM, APHD, APDS, APD…etc. 


Sublimation Process

Transfer Process
1. Remove the protective film from the WunderBoard panel.
2. Wape the panel with microfiber cloth to clean up the dusts and partical on the surface.
3. Lay down a sheet of protective paper on the lower platen.
4. Place the printed transfer paper (printed side face up) above the protective paper. 
5. Turn on the heat press machine, set 180℃ and 120Secs to cure the ink first.
6. After the ink is cured, center your panel (coated side faced down) above the transfer         paper with heat tape fixed parallelly to the edge of the panel.
7. Cover the panel with a layer of fabric sheet, preferably 100% polyester or poly-silk, to       distribute pressure and reduce stress on the coating.
8. Set 130secs for transfer, presure between 0.25 - 0.4Mpa.
9. When the transer process is finished, remove the fabric and wait for a while till the             panel is completely cool. and then Gently remove the panel from transfer paper.  



Tips for sublimation

* Make sure the transfer image is in high resolution (megapixel is required)
* Please use appropriate ICC profile for your printer, ink and paper combination. 
* To achieve the best transfer result, use the recommended sublimation ink and paper. 
* Please remember to cure the ink with your heat press machine before start the                 transfer process 
* Please make sure to remove the panel from transfer paper after the panel is                     completed cool
* If you like to drill holes on the panel for hanging purpose, please do it before transfer 
* If you like to cut the metal panel with CNC router by yourself, please do that before           transfer

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